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The "Green" Knowledge

Welcome To The New Grow Center's Blog Series

Welcome to The Green Knowledge, your go-to source for all things cannabis education and workforce development. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis professional looking to expand your knowledge or a newcomer to the industry, our blog is here to provide you with the latest insights, trends, and resources to help you thrive in the ever-evolving world of cannabis. From cultivation and extraction techniques to compliance and regulations, we've got you covered. Join us on this journey as we explore the endless opportunities and possibilities within the cannabis industry.

We started The New Grow Center with the goal of helping our local communities and business owners navigate a new complex market in the greatest city in the world. Our founding members have come from various different backgrounds, but share the same vision of bringing education and access to support for the NYS cannabis market. We don't just talk cannabis, we mold future cultivators and entrepreneurs alike by giving them the proper tools and resources for them to thrive.

Get to know our team, goals and core values as we journey across this complex industry and all of its possibilities.


Our Mission, Core Principles & Team

Our mission is to provide access to cultivation education and tools tailored for local communities in the growing cannabis industry. We are a resource center for sustainable and inclusive cannabis markets.

The New Grow Center brings together core principles guided by their team of subject matter experts with diverse skill sets and an array of experience. Our team is committed to building an inclusive and diverse cannabis market by providing access to education, materials, supplies and resources to the local communities. We help empower local leaders and business owners by giving them the necessary support to thrive and succeed in the complex cannabis industry. By putting people first, we’ve managed to create a thriving ecosystem where everyone can access, share, learn and influence the future of cannabis

Deivid Elliot, Co-Founder

Deivid started his career in the HVAC industry as a teenager. Deivid continued to expand his education with a 4-year mentorship in NYC with The School Construction Authority of NY. With this mentorship, he was able to focus on specialized projects and it ignited his true passion - Cannabis. He began his journey from New York to Oregon to help manage and consult cannabis cultivation operations & extraction labs. With that experience he built Matter CBD, a CBD Retail company focused on organic and natural practices, Uruguay Hemp Exchange, an international Hemp cultivation company in Uruguay, and The New Grow Center. His goal is to continue providing educational resources and industry best-practices to the cannabis community.

Alejandro Alvarez, Co-Founder

Alejandro is the CEO and Co-Founder of Soulful Synergy. He designs training programs and curricula for an evolving marketplace in order to meet employers’ demands. Since 2013, under Alejandro’s leadership, Soulful Synergy has trained thousands of NYC and Westchester residents both in English and Spanish to prepare them for job opportunities in the construction, energy efficiency, tech, security, and urban farming industries. Alejandro has traveled across the country to work with cannabis cultivation farms and learn industry-leading techniques and best-practices. His cannabis knowledge and experience led his nomination to the New York State Cannabis Advisory Board where he will continue his goal of educating and training at-risk communities in the growing NYS Cannabis industry.

Dwayne R. Norris, Co-Founder

Dwayne is the Principal of R.N. Wealth and Retirement Strategies and the Co-Founder/COO of Soulful Synergy, LLC. Through his work, Dwayne seeks to address systemic issues that affect disadvantaged communities by providing transformational services, designed to improve lives and create long term, sustainable development. As Soulful Synergy COO, Dwayne has aided in the design of a curated curriculum for career advancement that encompasses classroom training, hands-on vocational training, communication and soft skills training, financial literacy training, covered resume writing and assistance with job placement and career advancement. Dwayne utilizes his vast experience working with NYS local community leaders and social equity programs to help provide access to cannabis resources for those who need it the most.

Daniel Carvalho, Co-Founder

Daniel is the COO of Matter CBD, a CBD retail company, as well as the Co-Founder of Gifted Design Lab, a full-scale digital creative agency that has worked with clients from all types of industry - both domestic and international. He studied at Stony Brook University, where he got his Bachelor's Degree, and continued his passion for business development at Hofstra University where he got his MBA. Daniel has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping local small businesses grow through website design, digital marketing, social media, and business development strategies. His experience operating a cannabis company and passion for helping businesses grow their brand through education - is the reason he built The New Grow Center along with his team.


Classes & Training

We offer classes, workshops and webinars that cover all major Cannabis topics and specialized industry sectors - Cultivation, Extraction, Retail & Operations. Our extensive Workforce Development training programs can prep you or your business for growth in the New York State Cannabis industry.


The "Grow" Store

At The New Grow Center we supply premium inputs, expert knowledge, and customer support for success. That's the reason we created The Grow Store and offer in-store pickup and local delivery. Find all the organic nutrients, supplies, and equipment you need for commercial grows, or your own personal home grow - big or small!


Our Resources

Our team offers a variety of resources to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and the cannabis workforce! We also can help you find cannabis ancillary opportunities and connect you with the right people that can get you to your goals! Here's a shortlist of what we can help you with:

Business Plan Creation - From corporate and business foundation documents, to walking you through the entire business plan. Our team has the resources to build this from scratch, or assess and improve your existing plan.

Funding Procurement - Our team's network is vast and includes many different facets of the cannabis industry and ancillary industries. We have built a group of investors that have access to funds and want to be part of your cannabis business.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) - As experts in all things cannabis, our team can work with you to build and design the proper SOPs necessary for your cannabis business to operate and find success.

Operations Consulting - Need to be more efficient? Need staffing? Our operations team has worked with many companies and organizations to assess the inefficiencies in your business operations, while strategizing for growth. We can also help you find & train the right staff, managers, or executives to grow your business!

Sustainability, Energy & Environment Plans - With over a decade of experience in clean energy, sustainability and cannabis - our team of experts can create the perfect sustainability plan for your cannabis business. Need to submit documents to your municipalities? Need to showcase stats and results? Our team has your goals covered.

Diversity & Social Equity Plans - As a premier cannabis education, diversity and social equity hub - our team is prepared to help your business understand local regulations and create a diversity and social equity plan. We will help coordinate your local community engagement, create an impact plan, and build an equitable workplace environment plan.

Workforce Development & Career Services - We partner with cannabis networks and companies that are looking for employees and people to help their businesses grow. We help with career services, review and/or build your resumes, connect you with cannabis dispensaries and other job openings, and if you already own a cannabis business - we can help train your staff as well!


We hope you like our blog series, and please don't hesitate to let us know what else you'd like to learn more about in the ever-evolving cannabis industry!

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