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B2B & B2C Consultation

We have built a team of Cannabis experts over the past 10 years that is composed of highly qualified professionals in all facets of the Industry. At The New Grow Center, we're meticulous and data-driven. We begin our Consultations with an audit of your business & a gap analysis assessment, so that we can deliver a customized solution that is specific to your business needs and goals. We also offer consultation for individuals that are looking to build cannabis brands, obtain/prep for acquiring cannabis licenses, decipher state regulations, build and take part in our network of industry and ancillary resources, navigate cannabis compliance, and secure funding for your future business.


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Business Plan Creation

From corporate and business foundation documents, to walking you through the entire business plan. Our team has the resources to build this from scratch, or assess and improve your existing plan.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

As experts in all things cannabis, our team can work with you to build and design the proper SOPs necessary for your cannabis business to operate and find success.

Sustainability, Energy & Environment Plans

With over a decade of experience in clean energy, sustainability and cannabis - our team of experts can create the perfect sustainability plan for your cannabis business. Need to submit documents to your municipalities? Need to showcase stats and results? Our team has your goals covered.

Funding Procurement

Our team's network is vast and includes many different facets of the cannabis industry and ancillary industries. We have built a group of investors that have access to funds and want to be part of your cannabis business.

Operations Consulting

Need to be more efficient? Need staffing? Our operations team has worked with many companies and organizations to assess the inefficiencies in your business operations, while strategizing for growth. We can also help you find & train the right staff, managers, or executives to grow your business!

Diversity & Social Equity Plans

As a premier cannabis education, diversity and social equity hub - our team is prepared to help your business understand local regulations and create a diversity and social equity plan. We will help coordinate your local community engagement, create an impact plan, and build an equitable workplace environment plan.

and much more!

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